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    Role naming PK attributes

    Kent Graziano
      Is there a way to get inherited attributes role named based on either a relationship or a subtype?

      Example: Physician is a subtype of Person. PK (Natural Key) of Person is First Name and Last Name. Physician Patient is a child of Physician and inherits the PK from Physician/Person. Would like it to be Physician First Name and Physician Last Name, rather than just First Name and Last Name (since the Patient will have the same columns for its key).

      Example 2 (relationship based role): Recursive relationship on Employee to Manager. PK of Employee is Emp Id. Want to role name the FK attribute/column to be Manager Emp Id

      Related - is there a way to get the table name (or short name) to prefix all the column names during forward engineering? Thought there was but can't find it.