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    Problems with father and child table

    Bao Tian
      Hello I have a problem to create a sub table via sql command.
      People is my father table and Employee is my sub table (Employee is a part of People).

      But I can't create the Employee table, there is always the the error "ORA-00955 name is already used by an existing object".
      What did I wrong? How I can use the attribute of People.
      I also changed in table People primary key into UNIQUE but still the same error.

      create table People (
      P_ID integer not null,
      Surname varchar(30),
      constraint pk_People primary key (P_ID));

      create table Employee(
      P_ID integer not null,
      Salary number,
      constraint fk_Employee foreign key (P_ID) references People (P_ID),
      constraint pk_Employee primary key (P_ID));