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    How to setup a "Message Text Input"


      I'm adding a oaf personalization. My goal is: show descriptive flexfield attributes in the grid and make them updatable and I want them be saved in its table.

      So, I can show this attributtes and see them in the grid, I put data in the field but it's not saved!

      I'm using: "Message Text Input", with this characteristics:

      *ID= ATT1_VAL
      Admin Personalization= True
      Data Type= VARCHAR2
      Disable Server Side Validation= FALSE
      Disabled= FALSE
      Initial Sort Sequence= None
      No Wrap= FALSE
      Read Only= FALSE
      Scope= .
      Search Allowed= FALSE
      Secret= FALSE
      Selective Search Criteria= FALSE
      Sort Allowed= No
      Tip Type= None
      Total Value= false
      User Personalization= TRUE
      Vertical Aligment= Middle
      View Attribute= OpAttribute2
      View Instance= OperationSummaryVO
      Warn About Changes= FALSE
      showRequired= FALSE

      What else I need to setup?

      Thank you,