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    Add and delete function in Documaker

      I'm having the section with so many variables corresponding to our requirements.Just consider the section as a one block.
      I'm having two fields for Add and Delete in that section left and right respectively. If tab goes to Add field user will enter the numeric value of the no.of blocks he want.Then that block should be added one by one.
      Add field : 5 ( user enters no.of block as 5 ) So totally 6 blocks added.

      user want to delete the 2-nd block.So that time, only 2-nd block able to deleted.
      If i want to delete that particular Block i can able to delete it..

      Can any one let me know how we can do it ?

      Note: Delete field value should be X or space.So if i entered X in that particular block means should be deleted irrespective of the no.of pages. means if 5th & 6th blocks goes to secoud page that time i want to delete the 5-th block measns that block alone i can able to delete it.

      Please help me to this senario.
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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          I'm not quite sure I am following your description. It sounds like you are adding sections that have a rows of fields - like invoice lines.
          Then you must have a field on that section that you want to indicate that the row can be removed.
          If this is the case, then it is important to note that a section cannot delete itself with a DAL script called from within. This is sort of like sitting on a tree limb and then sawing if off of the tree.
          It is okay to have the check field on the section (row), but the script that actually does the delete of that section must be outside of the section itself.