8 Replies Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 7:43 PM by user12061096 installation on oel 6.3 installed 32 bit binaries

      cat /etc/redhat-release
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

      uname -a
      .... 2.6.39-200.24.1.e16uek.x86_64 ..... x86_64 GNU/LINUX

      uname -m

      We're just starting to test oracle installs on rhel 6.3.
      We're installing oracle x86_64 linux. The installation went smooth but when I went to install PSU 13923374 it complained about invalid version

      Patch .... is not applicable on current platform

      a look into oraclehomeproperties.xml show

      ARU_ID_DESCRIPTION>Linux x86<
      file oracle,sqlldr etc all show up as 32bit.

      I created a db successfully and v$database show 32 bit.

      So oracle compiled everything as 32bit which I didn't even know was possible for x86_64. I successfully installed the same zip files for Linux 5.6 and it shows 64 bit.

      I'm wondering how to fix this and where oracle decided it was 32 bit. I'm surprised it even compiled this way. I guess I'm missing a library somewhere but I'm not sure on what to look for.

      By fix it I mean I will deinstall and then reinstall but I want it to compile as 64 bit.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.