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    Use RMAN convert to clone and setup test database from AIX 64 --> RHEL 64


      I have the following scenario:

      (1) Production oracle 11gR2 DB AIX 64 bit ------standby------> (2) Physical standby oracle 11gR2 DB AIX 64 bit

      I want to take a backup of (2) and clone it to setup a UAT database. The UAT database host is RHEL 64 bit. i.e. want to setup

      (2) Physical standby oracle 11gR2 DB AIX 64 bit ----clone to-------> (3) UAT oracle 11gR2 DB RHEL 64 bit

      I checked metalink and it suggests the below two notes.

      How To Use RMAN CONVERT DATABASE on Source Host for Cross Platform Migration - 413586.1
      Cross-Platform Migration on Destination Host Using Rman Convert Database - Note 414878.1

      The problem is, the metalink search on these notes returns 0 results. Do I need additional rights to view these documents? If any of you guys have the notes handy and could please copy and paste it here, it would be wonderful.

      Also, if anyone has done the above exercise and can give me the step by step instructions, that would be perfect too.

      Thank you for your time.