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    SQL developer drop all my network connections

      Hi all,

      I have used different versions of SQL Developer and I have read many forum posts but I cannot find solution for my network problem.

      I can connect to my databases without any problem, but when my session goes to snipped state (due to idle_time setting) after some time ALL my network connections are dropped (e.g. my mail client give me message that cannot connect to the server, my ftp client session is dropped, my ssh session are dropped...). It is horrible because sometime I need connect to my PC remotely and due to this problem I cannot. It is not problem of my PC, I have used 2 different PCs and all is the same. If I don't start SQL Developer, I can have ssh session open for week without any problem.

      Last year I used to start keepalive extension, but is really annoying for every oracle session manualy enable keepalive.
      And when I open 10 db sessions and for one session I forgot click enable keepalive then all my network connections are dropped.

      Yesterday I have installed current version of SQL Developer hoping that the problem is solved but today morning I find all my network sessions dropped (e.g. I need 8 ssh sessions reconnect).

      Does anybody have any idea how to solve this?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Marian,

          I am not quite sure how using SQL Developer could make all client software accessing the network lose their connections. Do you use some kind of VPN (Virtual Private Network) software? Do you always try to use SQL Developer with the non-Oracle KeepAlive plug-in?

          Maybe local policy imposes some limit on the total number of simultaneous connections (active or inactive) you can have, and it gets exceeded only when you run SQL Developer. Are any other application clients used to access databases from your machine(s)?

          If the real network connection is stable, typically one need only worry about database session time-outs (idle limit reached) or VPN time-outs. I suggest asking for help from someone inside your organization responsible for networks. It seems like something is forcing a VPN disconnect.

          SQL Developer Team