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    Error Messages on Initial Launch 3.1.4 on Mac

      I tried to follow the "Mac Installation Notes" as closely as I could.

      - Download the file above


      - Extract the zip file into any folder, using folder names

      How? When you double-click on a .tar file, MacOS feeds it to the Archive Utility, which extracts it into the same location. In my case, I had dragged it from the Downloads file onto the Desktop before double-clicking. The result was a file named "OracleDataModeler.app" which can be launched directly. However, it does have internal structure, which can be accessed by a right-click followed by selecting "Show Package Contents" from the pop-up menu.

      - Within that folder, expand the datamodeler folder and execute datamodeler.sh

      I was able to do this with Terminal, resulting in the following sequence. Please notice the error messages. OS is Lion (10.7.5).


      At this point, the program is launched, but it won't operate correctly. In particular, any attempt to save a design results in about two dozen error messages of the form, "Can not write document to file: <filename>".

      Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to get this working on a Mac running Lion.


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