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    Customizing Check Printing Template

    Lathika Dimantha

      We are in the process of implementing AP in one of our clients place. We have done some amendments to the oracle standard check format (Rtf) and able to get the PDF out put as well.

      But there are several central bank ( Sri Lanka Central Bank) standards when printing the checks and accordingly we want to do the following amendments as well.

      1. Decrease the length of the star ( * ) marks which printed along with the <PaymentAmountText>. It will be enough to have only three * marks.

      2. There are specific boxes in the check where to print the date and that should be come inside the those boxes. The format is DDMMYYYY and in the YYYY field the first two digits (Ex 20) is printed in the check.

      3. Need to insert the Cents to the end of the <PaymentAmountText> as well.

      Thanks / Lathika