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        Actually re-visiting your comment on the SPARC supercluster, would like to see the equivalent engineered system for the intel platform on oracle Linux !

        A general purpose platform for all tiers.
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          The problem as I see it is you are targeting a very niche market , i.e one for which an ODA + sunfire server is too small and and eigth rack of exadata and exalogic is too large. this is probably not large enough a market to be sustainable and it would eat into the standard exadata/exalogic use cases. So I don't see this happening in the near future. I bet Oracle marketing would reason that if some one is willing to buy a rack comprising of an eight exadata and eight exalogic in a single rack , they probably wouldn't mind buying two ( since there is not likely to be any price difference) and this would give customers room to expand if they wanted to consolidate.
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            Thank you for your reply.

            Actually rather than a niche market, it's the case of a startup, where a relatively small volumes are currently present, and plan to spend 18 month development thean roll-out products where substantial more volumes are expected.

            A 1/8 Exadata rack is affordable, even a 1/4 if this is flexible enough to allow all tiers. The nature of the business dictates for a DR site, so if you consider a 1 Exalogic + 1 Exadata for production, than 1 + 1 replicated for the DR site would be cost prohibitive now, but acceptable in three years plan.

            Hence why a general purpose engineered system similar to the T4-4 for the Exastack Intel range, would be ideal,, otherwise perhaps a T4-2?

            Essentially the first step entry level is still too high, unnecessarily because all the components are available literally off the shelf.
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              I have re-visited the Oracle engineered systems and have a general question:

              Given Oracle offers general purpose engineered system SPARC supercluster T4-4, would tere be the possibility of having an equivalent for the X86 platform?

              i.e. Exadata 1/8 rack + 2X SUN X3-2 servers + ZFS Storage Unit in the same rack, which essentially is an Exadata + Exalogic = Exastack general purpose engineered system.

              Since this has been done for the SPARC supercluster T4-4, there is no technical difficulties achieving the same for the X86 platform with Oracle VM / Oracle Linux.

              The argument being, this would give another entry level to SME / startups to enter the Exastack range, than scaling out as business / volumes grows.

              My perception this is really an Oracle marketing strategy rather than a technical one perhaps?

              Appreciate any point of views.

              Best regards.
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