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    An Urgent Query about ODI

      I have done a scenario which executes sum.sh file.This scenario is successfully executed by OraclediAgent. Now a web service(Let from bpel/soap ui) invokes this agent using agent's wsdl url (like this:-
      http://localhost:8886/oraclediagent/OdiInvoke?wsdl) and then the OraclediAgent execute the scenario. I am successful for this case too.Now my questions are:-

      *1)Is it possible to return the summation result to the invoker web service(bpel/soap ui) through odi.*

      *2)Is it possible to show the o/p(result of the summation) in odi console.*

      and my last question is:

      *3)Every time when the bpel/soap ui invokes OraclediAgent it gets session id as a return.How do I know the execution of the sum.sh file is successfully done or not wrt to invoker.(or more clear to say in weblogic console?)*

      Please ans.It's urgent
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          any update??At least please tell me the reverse procedure i.e i also want to send two number from webservice to the odiOScommand so that the the sum.sh will run successfully where the odiOscommand parameter are variables not a static value.How'ii I do it?
          Please Ans.