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    ODP.NET Supports Oracle 10g R2 or not.

      I would like to know whether ODP.NET (entity framework) supports Oracle 10g R2 or not.

      I have to develop Asp.net wep application with Oracle 10g R2 version, Shall i use ODP.NET ( Entityframework)? if yes Please let me know which version of ODP.Net can i use?

      Please suggest
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          first of all, Oracle 10gR2 is out of premier support since more then a year - so if you hit a unkown bug or other issue there's no fix without extended support purchased extra.

          Next, EF/LINQ is supported only by ODP.NET 2.112.3 / 4.112.3 and later shipped with Client or
          ODAC 11.2 Release 4 (


          So - Oracle 10gR2 shipped ODP releases do NOT support EF/LINQ. Sorry

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            You can use Entity Framework if you're connecting to a 10g R2 server, but you need to be using the recent 11g client as fscherie explained.