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    What is multi-site in ATG 10


      do you have any idea, There is a new concept "multi-site" included in ATG10 above versions.

      I read the documentation but noting grabbed.

      Could you please throw some light upon this.

      The usage and why it requires.

      Thank you
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          Hi ,

          You can get a good idea if you install CRS.

          Multi-site is ,like you have two different websites running on ATG.Now you can choose which items you want to share between these sites , which you do not want , eg : Order(shopping basket) , Promotions , Catalog etc.

          in ATG CRS you will find a Garment website and Home furnishing websites running on same ATG instance.

          an typical real life example can be of a website whose content may depend on country of the user , like a telecom site.

          ~ Praveer
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            In simple terms ATG multisite is a group of sites who share some specific components such as :
            -- shopping cart
            -- gift list
            -- wishlist
            -- user profile (by default shared to all sites)

            for that it have siteGroupManager which manages the all shared components