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    Encounter error pkginfo: ERROR: attach door: Not owner


      I encounter this error when I'm using non root user.
      $ pkginfo -l SUNWsolnm
      pkginfo: ERROR: attach door: Not owner

      When I'm using root i will get
      root@DEMETER-C2 # pkginfo -l SUNWsolnm
      PKGINST: SUNWsolnm
      NAME: Solaris Naming Enabler
      CATEGORY: system
      ARCH: sparc
      VERSION: 10,REV=2009.
      BASEDIR: /
      VENDOR: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      DESC: Enable Solaris Name in /etc/release file
      PSTAMP: re29796
      INSTDATE: May 06 2010 16:48
      HOTLINE: Please contact your local service provider
      STATUS: completely installed
      FILES: 2 installed pathnames
      1 shared pathnames
      1 directories
      1 blocks used (approx)

      From what I understand it sounds like a permission issue for the non root user.
      My question would be if my understanding is right where can I set the permission so that my non root user can run this command above?

      I did some googl-ing too and found it store at /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWsolnm . Have set permission to 777 but non avail.

      Thank for taking your time to read.
      Joey Tan