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    Like Comment features for Site studio data file on portal

      Hi All,

      I was going through oracle docs and found one intresting thing that Document Viewer(DV) can also display Contributor data files using region template or custom template. Till now I was display every thing using Content Presenter(CP) only.
      Now as our requirment is to give like comment etc to content type news article, brand article etc which are nothing but CDF file, I think we can bring them using Document Viewer. But here i have some doubts.

      -->Can content presenter configured to work with document viewer that is when i click on any news in CP it should open the detail in DV using custom templates.
      -->In DV we get a drop down of avilable templates can i make my CP template as default and hide this field
      -->There are many options available in DV hide some and change the way they are displayed like instead of drop down links in bottom
      --> can we call cotributor mode from here.
      any help links to doc telling DV sepcific to display of CFDs willl be very kind
      BTW i refer this doc http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/webcenter.1111/e10149/content_doctf.htm#BDCJGECF


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