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    problems with ntfs disks

      I need to mount ntfs disks in oracle linux 5.8 , I follow the intructions in other thread in forum but i can't mount the disk, when I use mount command there is no error but when i try to open the directory where was mounted disk, terminal throws this:

      # mount.ntfs /dev/sdb1 /media/ADATA
      # cd /media/ADATA/
      bash: cd: /media/ADATA/: Resource temporarily unavailable

      I can unmount disk normally but i can see content of my disk .
      I want some help please thanks.
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          It typically means your system has run out out of memory and swap. It could also mean the NTFS partition is damaged or the driver does not work properly. However, there is no information in your post that shows any clue.
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            I can give you information so that you can help me because I do not think that is due to lack of memory because I have 3 GB RAM and 6 GB of swap think that's enough.
            the partition I have mounted several times before and after trying to mount in oralce and work properly.
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              Sorry, but I think troubleshooting the problem based on the error message is pointless. It's not an error message generated by the NTFS driver or points to a specific or well-known problem. There can be numerous reasons. If you need help to troubleshoot this problem, please provide information how to reproduce it.