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    Workflow and Web Services

      im running through the tutorials / information here:


      im having trouble with the receive event in the workflow. as far as i can tell everything is working correclty. i can kick off the workflow from a PLSQL anonymous block, this calls my web service and i get an entry in WF_WS_JMS_IN with the response from my web service.

      however, the workflow stops there (dosnt reach the end node). in the status monitor (apps) i get a green line up to the receive event, the results of the we service are never sent as a message (see the second link for a diagram of the workflow im re-creating)

      first real workflow experience bar a 2 day training cource so im hoping whatever i have missed will be obvious to the workflow gurus. NB the code etc has been coppied exactly from the examples in the links (for reference). the only difference is the web service which appears to work fine as it returns the expected string into WF_WS_JMS_IN