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    Xulrunner + SWT Browser + JVM fatal error: can you help me in debugging?

      This is a duplicate of the following post, but I have not received any answer there (yet). If you create a good answer here I will copy the answer to the eclipse forums:

      We have a client who runs our program that uses an SWT Browser component.
      We have some pages where unpredictabally, about every 10. time, the JVM crashes with a fatal error. These pages seemingly only differ from other pages in that they use a javascript function created in SWT. To make matters worse, we cannot reproduce it in our development environment, but at our client it occurs on more than one computer.
      We have the fatal error log (see attachment). I never debugged such a log before, could someone help me and give me a hint on what the log says, what can we try?

      Thank you,

      The error log, hs_err_pid788.log: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/fa/12208/