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    Move RMAN Backup To Server

      I took a backup from our production database server using RMAN:
      RMAN> backup full as compressed backupset database plus archivelog delete input;
      Now I would like to take this backup to a server that already is running the same version software ( but I have never done this before and have some questions...

      Based on my RMAN command above, I would need to move the backup file, control file, & re-do logs over to my backup server, right? Do I just need those three pieces or would I require more / less?

      If the backup server database running the same Oracle database version already contains schema data, will the import of the backup files remove pre-existing data inside the database and just mirror the server to the backup taken or would it be the backup being imported in addition with keeping the pre-existing data preserved?
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          Assuming you have this set :
          You only need to move the backup files.

          The restore you are speaking of is kind of an SCN Roll forward. Is that what you want to do or do you want to replace the whole database?

          I have a similar example which may help :


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            Levi Pereira
            Consider as best practice always include current controlfile in your backup database:
            RMAN> backup full as compressed backupset database include current controlfile plus archivelog delete input; 
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              Levi makes a great point. This is a very good habit and will probably save your bacon at some point.

              I would do both :
              RMAN> backup full as compressed backupset database include current controlfile plus archivelog delete input;
              h3. Thanks Levi!

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                Yes I have my production Oracle database server to auto backup the control file:
                RMAN> show all;     
                using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
                RMAN configuration parameters for database with db_unique_name ORCL are:
                CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION OFF; # default
                CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO DISK; # default
                So basically I need to move then which files over to the new server. The new server has Oracle 11g R2 installed but I've installed the database software only. I did not run DBCA utility to create the backup systems 1st database / schema. My other question is with that being said, do I need to run DBCA if I'm going to restore this machine from a backup from my production server?
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                  Shivananda Rao

                  You do not have to run DBCA. You just need to restore the backup of the Production on to the new server.

                  Since you are on 11g, refer this http://shivanandarao.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/duplicating-database-without-connecting-to-target-database-or-catalog-database-in-oracle-11g/

                  Referring to the above link, you get in a new database on the new server with the desired name that you look out for.

                  You can also refer this http://shivanandarao.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/duplicating-primary-database-to-a-new-host-without-connecting-to-the-primary-database-in-oracle-10g11g/ but here, you need to set the DBID of the Production database, and once the restoration and recovery is done, you'll have to change the name of the database to the desired name using NID utility.
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                    No to DBCA.

                    Notice in the notes I provided the create directory for the database. That example allows you to "clone" without a catalog ( handy ) and should handle everything for you.

                    If there's any part of the example you don't understand go ahead and ask as it is all fresh in my head.

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