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    Backing up servers

      Got 5-6 Solaris 10 servers in remote location - power work being done.

      At the moment, we just back up the application database that these servers run with the idea that if it all goes wrong we can rebuild and then restore the application.
      However, requirement is to provide a complete backup in the event of issues caused by possible power failure.

      Previous experience has shown that unexpected results can occur with sudden power loss on solaris servers - we've probably all experienced that!

      Any suggestions for ideas? I was thinking:-

      1. Flash images (ideally it would be nice to set up a jumpstart server)
      2. ufsdump
      3. dd to spare disks (some of the servers have 4 disks installed with just one disk in use).

      Also, got one HPUX server and a load of Windows servers to do as well :-(
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          ufsdump would work, but its a bit tiresome to setup.

          However it seems like you need a working backup software which you can rely on for scheduled backups on multiple platforms. As such i'ld recommend one of the traditional backup applications, such as:
          * EMC Networker
          * Symantec Netbackup
          * Zmanda

          Zmanda is open source and free to use (if i recall correctly you will probably want it to do backup based on gtar, which i guess is fine) and might solve all your problems nicely.

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            Thanks. I will try zmanda.