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    Webcenter analytics: differentiate analytics data on customization context

      Hello all,

      at my client we are implementing a Webcenter Framework Portal. We are serving 2 departments of the client with a single portal deployment and use customizations to apply a number of fairly small variations between the pages for the departments.

      The customer wants to use Webcenter analytics to get an insight of the use of the portal. They want analytics data for both departments to be split and prevent users from one department seeing analytics data of the other.

      Since we have users that can use both flavors of the portal, it is not possible to use a user property to determine the department that the user was getting a page for.

      Does anybody know of a way to distinguish between customizations in the analytics data (and how to use that in the OOTB analytics taskflows)?

      We would like to prevent from having to deploy the portal as different applications for the departments. Clearly this would fix our problem, since this results in two applications, on which analytics data can be split, but it would also result in a lot of undesirable extra work.