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    Help needed with HostSsample and other question!

      I have *2 important* quetions :
      I'm trying to folow the instructions in the README file zipped in the EDK .
      There are some steps which demonstarte / shows how to create , import , deploy etc , a plug in ( DemoSample ).
      I got to the part in this file which guides you how to add a target to the EM.
      I'm talking about the section after the plug in was created ( successfuly ) , imported , deployed.
      Now, I want to add a target as it's written
      " ... via the EM console ...
      1. Set up ... Add Target ..
      2. Select " Add Non Host .."
      3. Select Discover DemoHost sample " ..

      untill now, everything just worked fine. but when after the "Click Add guided discovery " ..
      I expected to see a page in the browser which shows me something , ( I don't know what- it's the first time I got to this stage ..)
      but i got blank page- nothing to see !!
      Any idea what is wrong?

      2. I already asked this, but since no one answered it yet, and IT IS URGENT to me ,I'll ask it again:
      I want to create a plug in from a CEP ( Complex Event Proseesor ) . In the plugin.xml file I have to define a ' type ' - but I dont know what kind of type is it ..
      Anybody knows ?

      I'll apriciate any help!