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    Hostile Java Applet

      I realize that this might not be the right place for this, but I had a quick question about a computer/network security concept with relation to Java applets.

      I am a college student, and I had a midterm exam today in my networking class. We had this question:

      "To improve performance, browsers store web pages in a local cache on the client’s machine. Describe in how a hostile Java applet can exploit this information to gain more privileges than it is entitled to? "

      I completely blanked. I'm trying to research this topic now so I can learn this concept! Does anyone have any input, resources or a direction to point?

      Thanks, Regina
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          In college they teach you how to abuse exploits?

          Applets don't exploit anything. People do.
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            I understand that an applet doesn't have a mind of its own and isn't going to decide "hmm, I think I'm going to go rogue all the sudden."

            I guess, is there some sort of issue with an applet, especially a malicious one, being stored in cache? Could there be other things stored there as well that it would be able to gain access to that it normally wouldn't?

            Also, they aren't teaching us how to, they are just informing us that these things do exist, and how to avoid them.

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