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    Editing jspx page on server

      Hi All,

      I m using webcenter portal application(PS3), created a custom managed server and deployed my application with deployment profile containing the folder structure(oracle->webcenter->portalapp->pages->xxx.jspx)i.e. by default the folder oracle->webcenter->portalapp->pages folder which contains jspx pages is unchecked and i made it checked

      After deploying my application i found that i missed a static content say <af:outputlabel value="hello"></af:outputlable>. Is it possible to do this without redeploying the application?

      Is it possible to go to the folder structure for my application on the server(e.g. winscp) and make this change; as this doent contain any bean intervention?

      We did this earlier when we used PS2 application for .jsf page and it worked fine but unable to do the same for .jspx page

      May i know the reason?

      S. Muthukumaran
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          Jaap Spiering
          WebCenter Portal has a great mechanism for this called Composer (using MDS runtime customizations).
          From within your application you can edit the deployed pages and make your changes which are then stored in the MDS repository. Have a read:


          I wouldn't encourage changing files around on the file system level.