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    BI Publisher - PO_DISPATCH Error generating report output

    V. Santos
      Hi everyone,

      Sorry for my bad english... having said that...

      I need to modify the Purchase Order print. First, I wanted to see the standard version to get an idea of how much different it was. Well, I don't know because it doesn't work.


      Error generating report output: (235,2309)
      Error occurred during the process of generating the output file from template file, XML data file, and translation XLIFF file.

      I know there are several topics on the web, but all of them are about new or custom reports, this is a standard one. When I preview the report on the report definition it works fine, so I assume there's a problem with the XML file generated. When I preview the report specifying an alternative XML I get the same error. The XML file I choose was the one generated by PeopleSoft when trying to view the printable version of the PO online.

      So, I start cutting portions of the XML File. I started leaving only de Header Data and it works OK, when I add the Lines it failed. I add the Line Fields one by one to detect what was the problem... And finally it failed when I add AMT_LINE_MAX. Why? No idea, is it because its value is '0,000' instead of '0.000'? I don't think that should be the problem since there are other numeric fields on the header, all with ',' as a decimal separator...

      Am I missing some configuration?

      Thanks in advance.