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    Disable next-generation Java Plug-in-Is Applets load on same JVM guranteed?

      Dear all,

      I am working on a banking application that uses WinXP and JRE1.5, where the banking application is browser based and with a lot of applets. For inter-applet communcation, we use singleton, a Object called CommonFunctionUtility, which is a single instance so that all applets can share information.

      Recently, there is a direction to upgrade the JRE to 1.7. However, after upgrade, we find that applets are loaded to different JVMs so that they're not referring to the same instance of this CommonFunctionUtility, so applet hangs as they cannot retrieve correct information.

      As an interim solution to meet internal requirement to complete JRE1.7 rollout, it is suggested to disable the next-generation java plugin first, and amend the application later using other way to share data later. In view to this, may anyone have any idea that Oracle ever confirm that after disabling next-generation java plugin, it is guranteed that all applets in same browser will be loaded on same JVM?