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    Difference between webcenter sites & webcenter portal?

      Currently I am working on one website where we have used Oracle weblogic Content management which used to show all the content on the website.& now we are planing to use Oracle webcenter content management in our application but I am confuse about which product of webcenter we should use out of below 3 for rapid developement:

      1. webcenter Portal
      2. Webcenter Spaces
      3. Webcenter sites

      Please help.
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          Jaap Spiering
          The two are very different products.
          WebCenter Portal is for Enterprise portals, where you want to ingrate content and information (as portlets or taskflows) from other systems, web services etc.
          You can use WebCenter Portal: Spaces if you want to offer an environment within your portal where users can collaborate, form communities, work together etc.
          Integration with Oracle WebCenter Content is a strong point of WebCenter Portal.

          WebCenter Sites on the other hand is primarily for commercial, customer-facing web sites.
          So it really depends on what your requirements are. Rapid development is nice, but you should make sure you use the right tool for the right job.
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            Ok. Thanks for quick reply.. But we already have one Banking website which has been developed only using weblogic content management not a weblogic portal. So if we want to migrate webcenter ito that then what would be the process & what part of webcenter we should use?
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              Jaap Spiering
              Please make sure you get the product names right: WebLogic Portal is NOT WebCenter Portal.

              Do you mean Oracle WebCenter Content, formerly UCM?
              Yes you can develop a web site with that as well (using Site Studio), but that is not a strategic Oracle product.
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                It really does drill down on your website requirements. It could be a combination of those products. First if you could be more specific which weblogic CMS, perhaps version etc, we could make a better recommendation.

                But in general:

                1. WebCenter Sites (prev. FatWire) for external-facing, experience-driven websites, Web Experience Management (WEM)
                2. WebCenter Content (prev. Stellent UCM) for content-enabling web applications, think of ECM (Document Management/Record Management)
                3. WebCenter Portal for enterprise portals & composite applications, for more transactional type of sites

                Hope this helps.