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    Total Score is not getting reflected correctly in Appraisal

      We have an appraisal template defined.

      For this appraisal we have a competency template and an objective template defined.

      The formula used in the appraisal template calculation is “AVG_COMP_AND_OBJ”.

      I launched the Appraisal through self service.

      We have 13 competencies defined in my competency template.

      The objective template is not needed for calculating the score it is just for recording some information.

      I gave a score of say 4, 3, 5, 4, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5 for each of the 13 competencies.

      Then I shared with the manager for the appraisal. The total score shown on the screen was 4.31. This is correct.

      The manager clicked on “Give overall ratings” and gave a score of say

      3 for all the 13 items.

      After the final update it still shows as 4.31 even though the manager has changed the rating for each of the competencies to 3.

      The total score should have become 3 and not remain as 4.31.

      The formula linked to the appraisal template is AVG_COMP_AND_OBJ

      When I look at the per_assessment_types table

      Against the Competence template , I see the assessment _classification is proficiency whereas against the objective template it is Fast Formula.

      The Line_Score_formula is PROFICIENCY for Competence template whereas it is null for objective template.

      The total_score_formula is “AVERAGE_LINES” for both the cases.

      Thus I understand that the formula is not being used for competency template.

      I.e. For the first time it can be 4.13 but when the manager changes it should become 3 .

      The total_score shows as 4.13 in the per_assessments table and not as 3.

      How can I get the total score calculated correctly?