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    Create PDF/A report

      Is it possible to create a report in PDF/A format? If it is, in which version of OracleReports it's possible to make that.

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          Is it possible to create a report in PDF/A format?
          Yes you can create PDF report.

          If it is, in which version of OracleReports it's possible to make that.
          You can create it in Oracle 6, oracle 6i and as in oracle 10g developer suit that is default we can take report in PDF format.

          Dear note taht you can send PDF print from your reports runtime and then simply choose printer as PDF, but first you hace to instal PDF software which can create PDF reports,
          I am using Adobe Acrobat Writer 6.0.

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            Yassen, now I prepare PDF reports, but I'd like to create PDF reports in PDF/A format, because this format is archiving standard for documents. How can I do that?


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              Unfortunately no version of Oracle Reports supports PDF/A.
              the way you would do that is to create a custom destination class for the reports server that implements the conversion to PDF/a using some kind of third party tool. take a look at the reports java doc


              to get an idea of the API. you can take the "secure PDF" sample destionation from the plugin exchange as a guideline.


              Also,Oracle Reports provides several ways in order to include accessibility features in the PDF file. The PDF format file follows the tagged-PDF standard defined in PDF 1.4. This standard along with Acrobat Reader 5 (or higher) provides features for inclusion in the paper layout.

              For information on enabling accessibility-related features offered through Oracle
              Reports from the command line-->
              see http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14571_01/bi.1111/b32121.pdf -->Section A.5.1, "ACCESSIBLE".

              For information about using the Oracle Reports accessibility properties designed to make PDF report output accessible to the disabled community (Alternative Text, Headers, ID, Report
              Language, and Table Caption properties), see the Oracle Reports online Help.

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                Basically , you should develop/design your report using oracle report, then you can send the output only to PDF.

                Hope you understood the design logic.