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    Standby -> ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      Hi Guru's,

      My OS: RHEL5
      DB Version:

      I am getting the above error when try to create physical standby db using rman duplicate. when trying to connect to auxiliary database using rman getting this error.
      I configured tnsnames.ora & listener.ora file and check tnsping for both it will work. But still i am getting the same error.

      Can anyone please help me out to solve this
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          Its probably a missing password file

          scp the password from the primary to the standby and rename.

          Password on source is:
          SCP to remote host
          scp /u01/app/oracle/product/ oracle@remote.host.com:/u01/app/oracle/product/
          Then rename the file to :


          select * from v$pwfile_users;

          User running must have sysdba role granted.

          A user from a remote machine can connect to the database as sysdba using password file authentication.

          There are generally two method through which a user can connect to oracle database AS SYSDBA :

          OS authentication
          Password file authentication

          Best Regards