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    Static Listener

      Oracle RDBMS RAC, Host RHEL 5.6

      While creting physical standby using Duplicate from Active databse, it is necessary to use static listener configuration, and it is RAC so need to have static listeners configured for SCAn also

      1)Why do we need to use the static listener?
      2)I have a 3 node primary , 3 node standby, do i need to add static listener on all the 3 nodes on primary and standby? If so, why do i need to add on primary nodes, and on all standby nodes.
      Because standby is built by connecting to only one primary instance and one auxiliary instance,so it is ok to add static listeners only on just one auxiliary node righr? or am i missing something?

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          1)Why do we need to use the static listener?
          The static listener is needed for the RMAN connection later. Since there is no database to connect to RMAN uses it.

          So the extra entry for the clone database is needed because otherwise RMAN has nothing to connect to.

          You also need an entry for the CLONE in your TNSNAMES.ORA on both servers.

          I also add these : ( To prevent timeouts )

          To listener.ora

          To sqlnet.ora

          Then stop and start the listener.

          For question two I don't know the answer as I have never done that setup. That said you don't need it on the Primary nodes. Adding to all Standby nodes is harmless.

          Best Regards

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            I didn't get the line: You also need an entry for the CLONE in your TNSNAMES.ORA on both servers

            u mean to have entries of CLONE database in primary and standby tnsnames.ora file or anything particular of static listener entry that i should have in both primary,clone
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              So for active duplicate you want an entries for the new duplicate in the source and destination. The process needs these because it does not just talk one way.

              So update tnsnames.ora on primary and standby systems. If the Primary was Chicago and the Standby was Boston make sure you have entries for both Chicago and Boston on both servers in the tnsnames.ora

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                Can anyone help me...

                Do we need to have static listener for all nosed on standby and do we need to have static entry for SCAN also???
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                  It occurs to me for RAC this has to be a requirement cluster-network nodes.

                  I'm having trouble finding the exact document but "Update Network Configuration Files" in the White Paper "Rapid Oracle RAC Standby Deployment: Oracle Database 11g Release 2"

                  States :
                  At this point there are two similarly configured but different Oracle RAC databases, each in the primary role. Before creating the standby database, update the network configuration files on all systems to ensure proper client access to both databases and to create the static service entries used by the Oracle Data Guard observer and broker command line utility, DGMGRL.
                  The problem is I cannot find a quote where "Broker" is not in the picture.

                  There is also a "Listener.ora Files" section to this document which supports this.

                  A search of "static" that document may provide your answer.


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                    Thanks for the help