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    Dialog, package management, subversion and general UI

      Hi everyone,

      I'm using SQL Developer since a couple of month now and I feel I must share some comments on dialog, package management, subversion feature and general UI.

      My daily usage is :
      - PLSQL dev
      - Multiple schema and connection opened at the same time
      - Schema with a lot of packages, functions, and tables

      The first issue I have is the open and save dialog.
      I don't really know why but I'm unable to manage the quick access at the left side of the opening dialog. We should be able to add/delete bookmarks there to quickly access our workling folder.
      The Open file does not seem to remember my last folder if I change worksheet...

      The save dialog is also getting in my way:
      - The dialog did not remember my last folder
      - Saving a package as .pkb / .pks like Toad open a new window instead of keeping the one I working with.

      We are saving our package in a subversion repository. I was happy to discover subversion support was build in in SQL Dev.
      I may be wrong but I don't understand how we should work (let's call it workflow) with the versioning navigator.
      - Object are opened as read only
      - I must open them like any other file to edit or compile a package
      - I don't see how I should add new file to repository after saving them (menu are grey)

      What I expect is :
      1- Checkout repository
      2- Click on a file (or getting the "database version" if someone forgot to commit it in svn)
      3- edit it and compile
      4- save and commit

      The SQL dev UI is fine but I find it difficult to work with as soon as I have a couple of connections, packages and worksheets.

      Some issue:
      - If I have more than one schema browser, I must enlarge my left panel to be able to select some of them.
      - If I'm minimizing the schema browser in the left bar, I'm losing the connection name making it difficult to select the right one.
      - If I click on a package, only the spec is opened. I should be able to open the spec and the body in a single click.
      - The quick outline is not updating when I add a new function or procedure in a package.
      - When I'm opening a remote table with a lot of columns, I'm always getting Connection is currently busy+ without any reasons (the table is just taking some time to load)
      - Canceling a query can be "rock 'n roll". I'm getting broken pipe+ error most of the time.

      Thanks for reading :)