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    Customize Login Page

      We have UCM 11G installed in Web Logic and everything seems to work fine. We now want to just customize the login page. The Page with "Oracle WebCenter Content" at the top. I have looked all over at still cannot figure out how change it. Is there a document or a directory I should be looking for. I really do not want to install OAM unless absolutely necessary.

      Thanks for any help with a stupid question.

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          Thanks for any help with a stupid question.
          There are no stupid questions, just sometimes stupid answers :-)

          Anyway, the login page is just a static html file. Actually, there is an article which describes how to customize it: http://bluestudios.co.uk/blog/2009/02/how-to-update-customise-ucm-stellent-portal-login-page/
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            Actually, I looked at that article. It describes how to modify portal.html which is not the login page. The login page is file login.html in cs.ear. There must be some way to change this without going into the ear.
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              Ok, I finally figured it out. To modify the login.html you change the resource template login_page.htm. This is done with the component wizard. Create a new component and them modify it as you like.

              Sorry if I wasted anybodies time.