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    SQL Data Modeler - Problem Opening Saved Logical Model

      I created a logical model in the Data Modeler tool and saved it as a .dmd file.

      When I try to open the .dmd file nothing pulls up. I get the following logs:

      2012-11-08 11:09:45 - Building Diagrams
      2012-11-08 11:11:25 - Open Design: 'CTS'
      2012-11-08 11:11:25 - Open Design: 'OK'

      I created a test model and saved it as a .dmdz file and I get can it to open. I tried to revise the file type of my original model to .dmdz and when I try to open, I get the following error message and nothing shows up.

      "Some objects are not loaded correctly. See the log file for details." There is nothing in the log file.

      Any ideas about how to get my .dmd file to open correctly?