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    Determine current Screen

    J. Ishikawa

      I have multiple screens...

      How can I determine on which screen my current application window (stage) is located?
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                  Screen screenX = Screen.getPrimary();
                  ObservableList<javafx.stage.Screen> screens = javafx.stage.Screen.getScreens();
                  for (javafx.stage.Screen screen : screens) {
                      if (screenX.equals(screen)) {
                          System.out.println("primary screen is: " + screen);
                      {System.out.println("Secondary screen is:  " + screen);}
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            J. Ishikawa
            Thank you for your reply, but your answer doesn't solve my problem to determine, on which screen my JavaFX application is currently located.

            To clarify the problem further...
            When a JavaFX application is loaded, its shown on the primary screen. But when the application window is moved to another screen, how to detect this?

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              Hi, you could use the static method [url http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/api/javafx/stage/Screen.html#getScreensForRectangle%28double,%20double,%20double,%20double%29]getScreensForRectangle

              Exemple :
              List<Screen> screens = Screens.getScreensForRectangle(stage.getX(),stage.getY(),stage.getWidth(),stage.getHeight());

              As your window can spread accross multiple screens, the result is a list.

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                J. Ishikawa

                Thanks alot. This was the solution I was looking for. :)