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client-server with  JMX

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I looking for google many time but I dont find an example of solution for my problem. I try to build a server who can exposed a MBean for some clients. For this part it's correct, but when I try to serialize the subclass of my Mbean and I try client-side to chatch them that doesnt work.Do you know how to make that ?

here un example... but it's my structure is correct to support serializable ? ... and how to set server-side to exposed the Child Class to client ?.. i know for the mbean its correct.. but the subclass..

public class helloMBean extends Remote{

public List<Child> getListChild();


public class hello implement HelloMBean{

List<Child> lstChild;
String NameParent;

lstChild = new ArrayList<Child>();

public List<Child> getListChild(){

return lstChild;

public String getParent()
return NameParent;

public void setParent(String name)
NameParent = name;


public class Child implements Serializable{

String Name;

public Child()



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