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    configuring custom error page for 404 for WebLogic 10.3.2

      I have read that there is no management interface for specifying a custom error page in WebLogic instead of the very
      plain default one provided by Weblogic. This would be displayed for example when a web application is stopped and
      the user is sent a HTTP status 404. It would have been nice if people were given the option of returning status 200 and
      a custom error page, but I am just looking for a way to return a custom page.

      I have also tried specifying an <error-page> in web.xml for an application but this does not work for me when an application
      is stopped at any rate.

      I have also read that someone was given an internal class by BEA support to rebuild and add to one of the Weblogic jars.
      I got optimistic here because at least a solution might exist.

      Has anyone been able to do this without running an Apache front-end to WebLogic?