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        zarr, you have the right pointer to solve my problem.
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          zarr wrote:
          Kayaman wrote:a great way to shamelessly promote your library
          Why promote? It's open source and I don't develop it alone!

          If you see any problems in MultiLock please tell me, I whould like to discuss them. I just want find out the method how to develop software without deadlocks. And such use cases in forums is a posibility find the truth :)
          I didn't delve deep enough into the source code to comment on the quality of the library (and there are concurrency experts here more suited for that). Nor do I think that having high level concurrency solutions is bad (nothing wrong with java.util.concurrent.*), so there was no criticism pointed at you.

          I would however still recommend that the OP learn how the basic synchronized() works, since concurrency is never an easy subject.
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