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    import-export problem

      i have a two problems/ questions about imp-exp:
      - i made an export from one user:
      exp AEEW_DDL/AEEW_DDL@orclspat file=aeew_ddl.dmp log=aeew_ddl.log owner=AEEW_DDL
      -i was signed on as sysdba
      - the export was created without errors or warnings

      - i tried to import this file:
      imp FROMUSER=AEEW_DDL/AEEW_DDL TOUSER=AEEW_DDL/AEEW_DDL file=aeew_ddl.dmp log=aeew_ddl.log
      - i was signed on as sysdba
      - i get the message that the user AEEW_DDL made the export not i, but if i signed on as AEEW_DDL i get the message FROMUSER=AEEW_DDL wasn't found in the dmp file.

      -the other thing is, that the character set is different between the both databases....see screenshot ( how can i add a screenshot?)....how should i solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.

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