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      Hi All,
      I am new to OAF,i want to know below details
      2.auto customization criteria
      At what scenerio i have to use?

      and also

      i gone through these detail in OAF Developer Guide but could't understand that detail(i need more detail on that concept)

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          Hi Dillibabu

          1 ) resultBasedSearch
          Results based search generates search items automatically based on the columns on the results table.
          Eg : simple search is an result based search

          The search regions automatically include both a Go and a Clear button.
          OA Framework automatically executes the underlying search when the user selects the Go button.

          2) auto customization criteria
          In Autocustomization search we need to set what all fields are required to display as a search criteria.
          Eg : Lov search is an Auto customization criteria search .

          OA Framework automatically renders both the Simple and Advanced search regions based on the corresponding Simple search and Advanced search regions that you define and specify as named children of the query region.The search regions automatically include a Go button. In addition, the Advanced search region includes a Clear button.

          OA Framework automatically executes the underlying search when the user selects the Go button. However, developers must explicitly define mappings between items in the Search panel and items in the table region.


          Table : Displays the rows returns by view object in tabular format .

          Advance table : has more feature like :

          1 ) column branding
          2 ) Row branding
          3 ) Column retotalling
          4 ) Add another row
          5 ) Show / Hide region

          Advance table are useful when you want to achieve Master details screens .

          Regards ,

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            Dear Dillibabu,
            Since Keerthi has taken so much time to explain stuff to you, you should acknowledge if that was helpful. You are also free to post further clarification requests.
            It would be encouraging if anyone requesting for help can also positively respond and thank (as appropriate) the colleagues who are helping the OAF community without any selfish motive.