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    How to install Data Modeler

      I downloaded Sqldeveloper data Modeler for Windows 32 bit including JRE. The data modeler has to run on windows 7 64 Bit as well as the sql developer runs
      After unzipping this file I tried to start the datamodeler. When I starter the 32 Bit version I got the error:
      Cannot be startet becaus MSVCR71.dll is not on the computer.
      When I tried to start the 64 Bit version I got the error
      Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine located at path ..\..\jdk\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll
      What must I do to install the datamodeler?

      Please help me.
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          David Last-Oracle
          Hi Siegwin,

          The download including JRE only includes a 32 bit JRE.
          This jre includes a copy of file msvcr71.dll (in folder datamodeler\jdk\jre\bin). However it seems that in some circumstances the system does not find this file.
          There have been several message threads about this, both for SQL Developer and for Data Modeler.
          For example, from https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=10624958 it appears that copying msvcr71.dll to the Windows\System32 folder may solve the problem,
          or starting Data Modeler using the datamodeler.exe file in folder datamodeler/datamodeler/bin may help. (This brings up an additional command prompt window.)

          Message Re: Oracle Data Modeler Installation guide may also be relevant.

          To run Data Modeler in 64 bit mode, you will need to provide your own 64 bit JRE.
          If you edit the file datamodeler64.conf (in folder datamodeler\datamodeler\bin) and remove the line starting with "Set JavaHome", next time you attempt to start 64-bit Data Modeler it should ask you for the location of the java.exe file in your 64 bit JRE.

          There is now a forum specifically for Data Modeler issues: SQL Developer Data Modeler

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            thank you very much.
            I removed the .dll file from \windows\system32 and the 32-Bit version works well.
            The 64 Bit version will installed later.