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    Rman 10.1 + restore one tablespace

      Hi all,

      I would like to backup all my database without one tablespace.
      Then i would like to backup this specific tablespace and put it in read only mode.

      Can you say me if i can restore my database without this tablespace and then how to restore this specific tablespace ?

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          I hesitate to answer as I live in a give a little get a little world.

          You have 22 questions but have never closed any of them.

          Total Questions:      22 (22 unresolved)

          Please consider closing your old questions to keep the forum clean.

          As to your question help me to understand why you cannot restore everything and then alter the tablespace to read only.

          Best Regards

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            The goal is to restore all without this specific TBS and then open the database.
            Then, we would like to restore this TBS after the database is opened.
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              OK. Thank you.

              This is not exactly your goal but the simple thing would restore the whole database. Drop the tablespace and do a tablespace point in time.

              This is older but I don't believe it changed much in Oracle 11




              You have a very tough requirement!

              Best Regards

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                The doc says :

                Limitations of TSPITR
                There are a number of situations which you cannot resolve by using TSPITR.

                You cannot recover dropped tablespaces.

                The goal is to backup all the database each week without this TBS. And then, restore all the database without this TBS in a first time.

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                  Hello again;

                  You and the document are correct.

                  The only other option that come to mind is using a combination of Data Pump and RMAN. So use Data pump for the tablespace

                  Or make the tablespace read-only before the backup and use CHECK READONLY keywords and rman to restore ( not tested by me )

                  RMAN> restore database check readonly;

                  Best Regards


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                    OK but this command restore the whole database with checking for read only TBS. This is not my initial demand.