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    Need Advice. Is it worth using Berkeley DB in my app?

      Hi everybody!

      The aim is to implement a simple application which stores non structured info like video, text, pictures. Users must be able to search for a definite object giving in the data or the title.The data is stored on a local server.Users must be able to search, upload, download data simultaniosly. I want to use java with a key/value storage. Is Berkeley DB worth using here?

      Thanks in advance
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          Berkeley DB is designed for high performance, indexed access. Since it's a key-value store, you can store and manipulate unstructured data like video, text, images etc. You can index the data on multiple attributes for fast access. Berkeley DB provides a Java API.

          So, based on your description of the requirements and Berkeley DB capabilities, I'd say that Berkeley DB is a great fit. Many of the Berkeley DB applications use Berkeley DB in the manner you described.

          The easiest approach would be to try it out. We would love to hear about your experience, and we'd be happy to address any technical questions you might have.

          Thanks and warm regards.
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