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    ZFS pool suspended


      We have an issue with Solaris 11.0 (SRU10.5). It is installed on a super micro system, with DDR write cache, SSD read cache and SAS disks. Every now and then these boxes end up in a "ZFS pool suspended" state, the OS still responds. As a consequence we need to reboot the box. Not yet able to capture a core dump or to reproduce the conditions/error. Upgrade to 11.1 not possible, due to some other bugs. Call logged at Oracle support.

      Does someone recognise this type of problem? And maybe some workarounds?


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          This sounds like a very serious problem.

          Is it the root pool that suspends across all of the systems?

          I would check all the usual diagnostic data as described below.

          Let me know if any of this reveals a common thread.

          Thanks, Cindy

          1. Review general system log messages:

          # more /var/adm/messages

          2. Review FMA fault logs:

          # fmadm faulty

          3. Review accumulating FMA fault info:

          # fmdump

          4. Review accumulating FMA error log:

          # fmdump -eV | more

          5. Check disk errors:

          # iostat -en
          # iostat -En
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            Thanks for your reply. We did all the suggestions you made in your reply. However, still stuck. We are trying to find a way to mimic the issues and cause the problem so we do a crash dump. So far no luck. Suggestions still welcome.

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              is this on the root pool or another and what's the failmode set to of the relevant pool(s)?

              we had something similar on a non-root pool due to a dodgy fibre cable...