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    SSHR : Personal Information

    Stalin Gnanasekaran
      Hi Guru,

      I have setup for selfservice in vision instance. All my setups are correct but getting following error while updating the personal information. Can you please help me

      Error Message:-
      Your changes have not been sent for approval because the following error occurred. : ORA-20001: The transaction ID specified returned an incorrect number of rows for XXAB_ABSENCE_TYPE. Ensure you specify a valid transaction ID and the dynamic query of the attribute returns correct number of rows

      I tried searching "XXAB_ABSENCE_TYPE" in Lookup, Attendence type, absence type...no where i find this.

      Can you please help me.

      Stalin Gnanasekaran
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          Duncan Casemore
          In this case XXAB_ABSENCE_TYPE is an Approvals Management (AME) Attribute. AME Attributes must return exactly one row - this attribute is either returning no rows or too many rows.

          Use the following navigation path to find and view the SQL for your attribute:

          Approvals Management Business Analyst > 1. Select the transaction type > 2. Define the components > Attributes > Query XXAB_ABSENCE_TYPE and view the SQL

          Approvals Management Business Analyst is an RBAC role so you need to assign it through User Management and grant the necessary grants through Functional Administrator. See the Approvals Management Implementation Guide, part E13516-04 for more details.
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            I had a similar issue with a custom AME attribute. I resolved the issue by using an inline select script on the attribute. I needed to retrieve a value that existed on some Requisition Request Types by not all. The script provides the value if it exists and where it doesn't still returns a line.

            Select (select pti.attribute_value
            from por_template_info pti
            where pti.attribute_code = 'IFT_100'
            AND pti.requisition_line_id = prl.requisition_line_id)
            from po_requisition_lines_all prl
            where prl.requisition_header_id = :transactionId

            I hope this helps you.