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    Email signature sent as an attachment

      I have my Java email code which is working fine as far as sending the email is concerned. Sometimes i need to send some attachments along with the email which is also working fine. However the problem , if I have an image file in my signature part of the email, that image file is being sent as a seperate attachment,
      most of the times these signature images are .VCF file types. I just want to know if there is a way I can stop sending these images in the signature part as an attachment.
      Thanks in advance...
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          Bill Shannon-Oracle
          Send a message with that signature using another mailer, then examine the raw MIME content
          of that sent message and duplicate the structure of that message using JavaMail.

          Possibly the message is being sent as multipart/related with a primary text/html part that references
          the image in another part. Search the web for multipart/related examples with JavaMail.

          Or just send a regular text/html message that references the image somewhere on the web.

          This FAQ entry might help: