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    Hyperion Predictive Planning

      Hi All,

      I'm using Hyperion Planning, and installed the client tool for SmartView and Predictive Planning recently.

      However, when I launch for my Excel (2007), what I see is the "Crystall Ball" ribbon, not "Predict" ribbon.

      Would anyone know how can I just install Predictive Planning, not Crystall Ball?

      Many Thanks,
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          Jasmine Pauline-Oracle
          The "Predict" menu will only appear if you go to a Planning form and hit the "Predict" button from the Planning menu. It does not show up automatically.

          To check to see if Predictive Planning is installed go to: Excel > Smart View > Options > Extensions and the Predictive Planning extension should show up in the list and be enabled.

          Maybe the best way to think of the installer is that it installs Crystal Ball and Predictive Planning (since they are essentially the same under the covers) but Crystal Ball requires a license key and Predictive Planning does not.

          So, you will still be able to use Predictive Planning even if you cancel out of the Crystal Ball license dialog. To not get the automatic Crystal Ball start and thus the Crystal Ball licensing dialog you can go into:

          Excel > Excel Options > Addins > Manage: COM Addins, Go... and uncheck the "Crystal Ball" checkbox.

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            Dear Jasmine,

            Thanks for your reply! However, although I can uncheck Crystal Ball and enable the Predict Planning (also, I can see the Predict Planning button when I launch the planning forms),
            I can't see the Predict Planning ribbon on the Excel Tools bar,
            thus, I don't know how to start the predict (cause I don't have a "Predict" button).

            Have you ever seen this situation before?

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              I found that there is a Predict button under the ribbon of Planning,
              After pressing it, the Predict ribbon showed up,
              Thanks for your help!