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    Exchange attributes -OIM 11g R2


      I am on OIM 11g R2

      I am trying to configure Exchange connector (latest version) with connector server installed. Now in our env we populate multiple values for proxyAddresses -as SMTP, smtp, sid. How do we handle this in Exchange connector?
      Also, I can see that there many primary exchange resource related attributes (like msExchUserAccountControl, msExchMailboxGuid) which are not mentioned any where in Exchange connector. How do we handle them?

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          For proxyAddress as it is multiple attribute, best way in OIM is via child table. But there is issue with ICF exchange v11.1.1 connector where it is not able to update the proxyaddress. I already have bug filled for it. Not sure about the other attributes you mentioned. The are single valued so you can try extending the connector to include them as per connector doc and check the behavior.

          My response is based on my exp with ICF and OIM11G R1. Since the connector version is same for R2, thus the reponse.

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            Thanks Bikash,

            But proxyAddress is populated as:

            proxyAddresses: smtp:<samAccount@Company.com>
            proxyAddresses: sip:<samAccount@Company.com>
            proxyAddresses: SMTP:<samAccount@<external>.Company.com>
            proxyAddresses: smtp:<<samAccount@Company.com>

            How do we handle this if we configure child table?

            Thanks again.
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              Depends how and when you are updating the child form. You will have to write custom code to handle the scenario. What we have done is have appended the smtp:, sip: etc to the proxy addresses when updating the child form.