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    List of Value on Jsf page


      I've created a static LOV (Male, Female) using New Object View and applied on column (Lov with combo box). It is working fine in Business Components. But when I'm running my Jsf page where that column is already on the page. But the column I've applied LOV, its not showing any dropdown combox with list of value on the JSF running Page. Do I need to something else to show the LOV with Combo Box on page?

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          Alejandro Profet

          Can you paste the jsf page/pageDef code?

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            Timo Hahn
            Please always tell it's your jdev version!

            You mean that the vo was already on the Pisces and you then changed the vo to use the lov for one attribute?
            In this case you need to set up the lov by hand. The lov is only picked up automatically if it is already defined in the vo.

            It's the vo based on an eo? Is the attribute editable?


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            blog which has a sample http://wp.me/pcBZk-mG
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              First of all thank you all for looking into it. I'm using oracle forum first time.

              I'm using Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 2 (

              Yes, VO was already there and I changed the vo to use the lov for one attribute. and its working fine when I run AppModule.
              LOV is not Entity based, it has only static 2 values just Male and Female in dropdown.

              How can I setup the LOV by Hand, would I need to write the code for it?
              I'm a database developer, I never worked on Java
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                Timo Hahn
                One easy way to do so would be to drag the vo form the data control onto get page again. Then the frame work will notice the lov and wire it up for you.

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                  Ok, I got you

                  But my all designing will be disturb if I will drag the data control again on jsf page.

                  So, should I have all the view objects (some LOVs, calculated fields, Read Only fields etc.) ready before putting on the page?

                  Is there any other way that keep changing the form as per the changes coming into knowledge?

                  and thanks for your reply

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                    Timo Hahn
                    Well, the trick is to drop the vo again to the page with the correct wiring, then copy the right wired columns into the existing columns and after that remove the duplicate table. Then the layout should be ok again.
                    When you delete the table make sure you do it in source mode, otherwise you remove the needed bindings too.

                    Be very cautious, make a copy from the work space before you begin. There is plenty of stuff to go wrong if you do this the first time.