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    Payables Expense Report


      My Client has Ebusiness Suite 12.1.3 and they process Employee Expense Reports through Oracle Payables only and not OIE. The issue is with the approval process of these Expense Reports that are being entered as Expense Reports in Payables and then they are being exported to the AP Invoice Workbench. It is exporting the Invoices correctly though the status of the Invoices shows as Approval Not Required in the workbench. Is the Approval of the Expense Reports supposed to happens at the Expense Report form. How do we get around the problem? What are we possibly doing wrong?


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          Hi Arun,

          Oracle development has clarified the below......
          "Expense Reports created through Oracle Internet Expenses / Expense Report form in payables will not be submitted for Payables Invoice Approval ... "

          If you are using Internet expense module, there is an workflow process available for approving the expense reports there .. since you are creating expense reports in payables directly, there is no dedicated workflow process available for approving the expense reports.
          This is an intended functionality.

          Oracle Support Reference -
          R12 APINV Expense Report Invoices are with Approval Status 'Not Required' by default. Why? [ID 1296286.1]